WSCSD Members at the 2009 Students Summit for Sustainability in Switzerland

The World Student Community for Sustainable Development is a multi-disciplinary network of motivated students with the ability to think and act both locally and globally, and who share the vision to make a difference. Our purpose is to be a leading international student organization that carries out meaningful projects which result in positive and enduring changes that improve lives and communities around the world.

The fundamental purpose of the World Student Community for Sustainable Development is to give motivated students, who are passionate about sustainability, opportunities to learn from each other and to collaborate. Our strength lies in the fact that we are both multi-disciplinary and international, thus by first understanding each other and then by working together, we can make a difference. The WSCSD hopes to offer students opportunities to get involved and to take action.

Currently, the WSCSD is comprised of a growing network of student communities and individual members in . The scope and the nature of the student communities differ just as the personal efforts of the individual members vary. When we realize that in order to provide innovative solutions as well as innovative approaches to some of the worlds great problems we need a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural approach, the potential for the WSCSD can be understood.

The WSCSD is making a difference in the world because of the projects being implemented by the members. Such projects occur at different levels. Currently, countless projects are being implemented by student communities around the world. This year we have welcomed many new individual members who seem to be very motivated with large projects. Thus, the WSCSD hopes to support multidisciplinary, international collaboration through the various existing projects.

Joining the WSCSD

The WSCSD welcomes applications from existing student communities and interested individual members to join our growing network of motivated young people taking action for sustainability. Please find more information and applications available here.


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Download the Charter of the WSCSD: WSC-SD Charter.pdf


Download the Prospectus of the WSCSD: WSCSD Prospectus – 2009.pdf

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