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World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSCSD)

WSCSD is a non-profit making association registered under the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB, ART.60FF), in Zürich, Switzerland.


To be the leading international student organization that carries out meaningful sustainability projects that result in transformative change in the lives of individuals and communities around the world.

We envision a Head-Heart-Hands education approach that builds connections between sustainability literacy, sustainable behavior and sustainable communities.


The mission  of the  WSCSD  and  its  member  Student  Communities  (SCs)  is  to  actively  promote  the incorporation  of  sustainability and sustainable development at every stage of education, research, business and public policy.

WSCSD’s mission is three fold:

  • Explore sustainability on campus and beyond
  • Engage in creating positive eco-social change
  • Empower a network of student innovators and entrepreneurs focused on community solutions and sustainability.



  1. Propagate the agenda of sustainability and sustainable development among students both as a relevant academic discourse and a culture of practice;
  2. Encourage and empower students to promote the concept of sustainability, both in centers of learning and the society at large, by way of facilitating the implementation of community based projects;
  3. Host and participate in sustainability forums, local and international.

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