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World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSCSD)

The term GreeningU is used synonymously with ‘Greening You’ at the individual level, ‘Greening University’ at the institutional level and “Greening Us” at the community level.

Overall, the GreeningU Initiative is aimed at mobilizing and inspiring students to be engaged in advancing the Green Economy and Sustainability discourse within learning institutions.

Specifically, GreeningU is aimed at:

  • Fostering discussions on the Green Economy as an emerging concept hence promoting better understanding and conception by the students.
  • Challenging students to take practical action towards ensuring that the ideals of the Green Economy are taken up hence promoting sustainable development and sustainability.
  • Creating the students-universities-corporate synergy which is needed for achievement of a Green Economy

The initiative comprises;

    1. Green Talks that foster awareness of the concept of a green economy among campus students. They provide for interactive discussions between academia, policy makers and industry on the 11 key sectors for a green economy namely waste, water, transport, energy, agriculture, buildings, fisheries, forestry, tourism, manufacturing and industry
    2.  Greening Campus Activities: Practical student initiatives aimed at greening campus facilities and operations and making educational institutions living laboratories for practicing sustainability.