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World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSCSD)

WSCSD’s Sustainable Village Initiative addresses the different sectoral issues of development through a holistic approach of household and community empowerment through student collaborations and campus outreach programs.

For too long, development has been implemented in piecemeal and linear fashion that doesn’t fully appreciate the inter-related nature of diverse societal issues. Moreover, a number of HEI stakeholders have not recognized student associations as authentic actors and partners for sustainable development. Thus, well intended and strategic student organizations like the WSCSD had to invest a lot of time and effort in ‘proof of concept and capacity’ so as to close the gaps between them and the university management, civil society, potential financial partners and student organizations.

WSCSD’s Sustainable Village Initiative seeks to address the above gaps by providing new opportunities for students to create social ventures for improving exposure to appropriate technologies for the development of healthy and self-supported communities in Africa.


The initiative  is currently being piloted by WSCSD-Kenya in Nyakongo Village located in a remote part of Kisumu County, Kenya where the flagship WSCSD’s collaborative Water and Sanitation project is being implemented since 2009.

Through Nyakongo Sustainable Village Initiative (Nyakongo2030) WSCSD aims at mobilizing global students’ action in transforming the impoverished Nyakongo village, Kenya into a model Sustainable Village.

For more information on Nyakongo Sustainable Village Initiative visit the initiative’s website at http://nyakongo2030.wscsd.org