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World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSCSD)


WSCSD has joined the #FUTUREISCLEAN campaign, launched by Solar Impulse in parallel to their attempt to fly around the world. The campaign aims at uniting organizations worldwide to spread the message of Solar Impulse with a view towards the climate negotiations in Paris (COP21). Solar Impulse is currently in Hawaii after the record-breaking pacific ocean crossing and will continue its flight by begin of next year. The project literally stands for a call to action: if the technological solutions exist to make an airplane fly day and night without fuel, there is tremendous potential of similar technologies in helping us to achieve energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions on the ground and in our daily lives.


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We invite you to add your voice to this conference and to show world leaders how many people care about this topic by joining and spreading the word about this campaign in your network. For more information on how get involved: