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World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSCSD)
  • Project with Community School for Disabled Children, WSCSD-Fort Hare, South Africa
    Analyzing resources and needs, assisting in identification of relevant skills to be taught, improving learning environment, developing learning modules and helping with fundraising
  • Latin-American Encounter of Youth for the Environment and Sustainable Development
    Corporacion Grupo Tayrona, Bogota, Colombia Seminar for Latin America Youth to enhance understanding of SD, capacity building and empowerment
  • Research Project on Recovery and Purification of Methane Gas, Quark Society, Cairo, Egypt
    Graduate working group researching on the Recovery and Purification of Methane gas with innovative techniques.
  • Plastic Bag Free St Andrews, SDSoc, St Andrews, Scotland
    Campaign for a plastic-bag free city in cooperation with the council and merchants’ association.
  • Sustainability Tricks, Unipoly, Lausanne, Switzerland
    Development and distribution of leaflets displaying “sustainability tricks” to integrate SD in your daily life Student groups working on local energy, environment, and sustainability projects with a campus focus; joining forces and creating innovative ideas
  • Business As UnUsual, Sustainability@MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA
    Collaborative art events, with Family Weekend event and two subsequent workshops to produce SD arts and crafts
  • Zero waste events planning guide, Sustainability@MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA
    A guide providing information on local resources available to help reduce your event’s environmental footprint, Read more at here.
  • FreeMeet, Sustainability@MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA
    Swap-Markets to promote reuse of goods, reduce waste and sending things to the landfill, and reduce unnecessary consumption of new goods.
  • Board games, Unipoly, Lausanne, Switzerland
    Development and promotion (e.g. in schools) of board games on Sustainable DevelopmentSustainable Food Week, Unipoly, Lausanne, Switzerland
    Week-long event with lectures, documentaries and film projections, sustainable meals and an organic food market
  • Food Seminar – “You are What you Eat”, Chalmers Students for Sustainability, Gothenburg, Sweden
    Discussion seminar for sustainable food habits, including lectures and discussions
  • Filmcycle “In the sign of money”, project21, Zurich, Switzerland
    Screening of documentaries at the ETH Zurich
  • Cinema Solaire, project21, Zurich, Switzerland
    Outdoor cinema with solar panels collecting the energy needed to show an open air movie
  • “My work style”, Alliance for Global Sustainability and University of Tokyo Students Community (AGS-UTSC), Tokyo, Japan
    Workshop on how to achieve social changes with various work styles
  • Studio!Sus (Micro-Journal), Project21, Switzerland
    A bi-annual environmentally friendly magazine discussing socially relevant topics and focused on pointing out key aspects from the perspective of sustainability,
  • Awareness-raising green film club, Central University Library and the BME University Green Association, Hungary
    4-5 films with environmental messages are screened each semester to an audience of 25-65 people.
  • Civic Responsibility among Young People
    Students for Global Democracy (SGD) is carrying out a project on responsible citizenship and civic culture to instill a sense of civic responsibility in Ugandan youth by engaging youth in community service activities and showing youth the real-life consequences of violence and the benefits of constructive civic engagement.