Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamonds are a symbol for love and commitment that will last forever. They are the most beautiful and hardest of all gemstones.

Choosing the Right Diamond

There are many things to consider when choosing an engagement ring on From the setting and style, to the shape of the diamond and the carat weight. It’s understandable that most men feel a bit overwhelmed when buying a diamond as a gift for their future fiancée. It’s tempting to just wing the process, but this is similar to finding the perfect partner. You should take your time. Fortunately, we have some expert tips to help you make the right choice, and get the most bang for your buck.

First, you need to decide what you want and your partner wants in a diamond. Do you prefer the look of a classic round solitaire? Or perhaps you’d prefer a more unique style like an oval or marquise cut? Set a price range once you have an idea of the style you’re looking for. This will help you narrow down your options, and allow for you to focus on those famous engagement ring four Cs: color clarity cut and carat.

To help you stay on budget, determine if you’re willing to go up or down in carat size. If your girlfriend is looking for a 2-carat stone, but you cannot afford it, opt instead for a 1-carat diamond set in a Halo setting. This will give the impression of a bigger stone.

Another budget-friendly tip is to choose a ring with flat prongs rather than v-shaped ones. This type of setting will increase the brilliance of the stone by exposing more of it. However, if your ring is marquise or pear shaped, v-shaped prongs are recommended to prevent the diamond’s points from being tipped over. Finally, always ensure that any diamonds of a carat or more are accompanied by a gemological certificate from an independent laboratory.


The setting, or head of the ring, does more than secure the diamond in place; it’s also an important part of the ring’s overall appearance. The right setting will depend on your style and the shape of your stone. You may choose a pave design if you prefer a minimalist look, or a more intricate halo setting, which surrounds the center stone with a halo.

There are different types of settings and each one has its own look. Bezel settings, for example, are similar to picture frames. They enclose the sides of the diamond along its girdle using a thin metal layer. They are particularly popular because they can accommodate a larger center stone without increasing the size of the ring.

Other types of setting include the basket and peg head, which elevate a diamond with a decorative appearance. Rings inspired by vintage designs, modern Art Deco or vintage styles can benefit from a cathedral style or bridge accent. Shared claw settings are also a great way to save money, as they use less metal and allow more light to reach the smaller diamonds.

A bezel, whether full or partial is perfect for active wearers whose rings need to resist snagging against clothing and equipment. A gypsy mounting offers the same low profile, sturdy feel without a bezel, allowing for the diamond to sit down lower on your finger so that it won’t snag or scratch surfaces.

Carat Weight

One of the most important characteristics when choosing a diamond is its carat weight. The carat weight of a diamond defines its size, and is used to determine the engagement ring setting. Since the 15th Century, when a jeweler by the name of Gabriel Moussadi standardized them, the carat weighs have been the same in every country. The word is derived from the carob, which has a uniform weight and was ideal for measuring gems. When discussing a diamond, gemologists, appraisers, and clients often refer to its carat weight.

It is important to know the 4Cs before purchasing a diamond. However, many first-time ring buyers make a mistake by focusing too much on the carat weight. Consider the style and setting of the ring before making a final decision. This will determine how large or smaller a diamond appears.

A simple solitaire is often larger in terms of style and setting than a more elaborate piece. Additionally, a thin pave will allow you to see the center diamond more clearly. This is especially helpful for smaller center stones and can help them look even bigger.


There are more options available than ever when it comes to choosing an engagement ring for a loved one. It’s important to consider the style she prefers and what will represent her personality and character in the ring that symbolizes your commitment to her forever. You may find that a diamond in a unique shape is the perfect way to convey this special relationship and your love for her.

Once you’ve mastered the four Cs, you can explore the different diamond shapes and find the one that speaks to her. There are round and princess shapes, as well more exotic shapes such as pear, emerald and marquise. You can even go vintage with a halo or antique cushion cut, which are enjoying a resurgence of popularity in recent years.

In addition to choosing the diamond shape, it’s important to choose the ring setting. A popular option is a bezel setting, which is protective and durable. This type is perfect for women that work with their fingers or play sports. The diamond is secured in the band, and is less likely to fall off.

Another option is a tension ring, which has no prongs and allows the diamond to move freely and easily. This type of ring is tight on the finger and can be uncomfortable for women. You can also choose a pave setting or bezelless design, which are more contemporary and minimalist. Or you can opt for a split-shank style, which features two separate bands.


When you’re looking for the perfect ring to fit your fiancee, it’s essential to think about her style and what she likes. If she is a jewelry lover and wears gold rings often, you might want to consider a rose or white gold engagement ring. Platinum is also an option if she likes the regal appearance.

The shape of a stone can also be an important factor when choosing the perfect ring. Round diamonds make a classic choice and can be enhanced with accents diamonds. You can also choose something more unique, such as a princess cut or cushion cut. The shank or band can be customized in many ways. A pave setting or bezel can enhance the ring’s diamond presence. Split-shank designs offer more creative style options.

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