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The Politics of John Locke

The political spectrum is divided into three parts; the left which is liberalism, the right which is conservatism and the middle which is both. Rousseau, Hobbes, and Locke were all great political theorists of their times, however the theorist that relates most to my personal way of thinking is Locke. For the majority of people Locke is the best of both worlds in politics. He is liberal and when he ...

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Right Wing Politics – BNP

Naturally, people and political parties possessing an opinion or agenda are criticised and confronted by people and parties having different opinions' and agendas'. Labour, Liberal and Conservative Political parties are at a constant war battles against each other each trying to prove "I am right '" you are wrong' in a fierce battle for parliamentary chairs. As a political party the BNP also has its own agenda to which political ...

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