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Hail Caesar (Salad)! The History of Americas Favorite Salad

What is it about this salad, this Italian concoction that consistently triumphs over every other salad on any restaurants menu? It's true, you can't get away from it, it's everywhere! Even in my own restaurant I can't seem to eliminate it from the menu without a guilty conscience. I know someone will end up questioning my reasoning behind taking away the item they love most. Don't get me wrong, it's ...

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How History Books Ignore the Possibility America Had Five Presidents with African-American Heritage

Perhaps the title of this article could be taken a little too harshly considering that the evidence of five past U.S. Presidents having African-American ancestry was never acknowledged by the Presidents themselves or their offspring...with only undeniable evidence for a couple of the Presidents. But despite rumors on the other three Presidents, the deductive evidence is still convincing that they all had at least a little African blood in their ...

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