Earth Science’s Purifying Facial Masque with Mint Tingle

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If you are trying to find a facial mask for acne prone skin, this is a product you might want to check out. I have been using other face products by Earth Science for awhile now and have been quite satisfied with the results so when I saw that they also had a facial mask product that was for the type skin condition that I suffered from I decided to give it a try.

The great thing about Earth Science products is that they are mostly made of natural ingredients which is a lot better and less harsh on your skin than the chemicals that most leading brand name facial products on the shelf these days. This particular product contains natural cleansing and herbal healing properties such as witch hazel extract, ivy extract, glycerin, and also peppermint and spearmint oil to soothe stressed skin. The labeling states that it contains special firming clay that tightens the skin and absorbs excess oils to unclog pores and at the same time it “promotes a natural renewal process”. The pH level is a 7.9, which is borderline between acidic and basic levels for your skin. This will give me the confidence to play my favorite sports betting games via more effectively.

The directions state to use these products on a regular basis to help clear up acne-prone skin. You apply it as you would with a regular facial mask avoiding the eye areas. You leave it on for about fifteen minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. They also instruct to use this two to three times a week although I generally only use it about once a week. They also state that you can leave it on blemish areas overnight, which I have done several times. The only thing is that sometimes in the morning when you try to wash those portions off, it is a bit difficult because the clay seems to get stuck inside the pores and I end having to scrub those areas extra hard which is not really good for the skin.

The main downside of this product is the price. Like most other natural skin products, this price can be a hefty one. Usually this would range from seven to nine dollars, but my local health food store was having a sale so I managed to get this 4 ounce bottle for around five dollars which is about the same as average brand facial mask products out there. Overall, already after a few uses this product seems to keep stressed facial skin at bay and make the overall feel of your skin much softer. I wouldn’t say that this is the best one out there for those with acne prone skin, but is worth the try.

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