Sports Guide For Sports Venues


Sports Guide on 토토 shows you the games that are available at your venue. It is customized to your location, and lists everything from pro-sports to international matches, Internet-only streams, and PPV events.

A feature game story spotlights a particular team or player. The story may describe a practice session, a team huddle or an after-game interview.

Customizable To Your Venue

The excitement surrounding sports is still as strong as ever, despite the COVID-19 outbreak that has affected some teams and halted some seasons. Fans are talking about their favorite athletes, cheering on their hometown heroes, and sharing the latest game highlights. This has led to a renewed sense of passion among sports fans and a newfound appreciation for the hard work that goes into being successful in this industry.


The SportsTV Guide will help you build relationships with sports fans and create a lasting customer loyalty. It is a powerful tool that helps people find the games and channels that they want to view. It is an important part of your customer journey. It also allows customers to provide positive feedback. This is important in an age when Google reviews are the primary source of information that consumers trust.

Customize your SportsTV Guide easily to match the programming providers available at your venue, and to display all channels that you have access to. You can also highlight your guests’ preferred teams, bringing them to the top of the Guide or in bold, so they’re never missed. This is a feature that no other platform offers and it’s sure to set you apart from the competition.

Showing Sports

Sports Guide shows your guests that you are serious about sports. It highlights their favorite teams in 50+ sports and places them at the top of the Guide. Your Guide is also customized to the location and program providers of your business, so that it only shows stations available there.

Typically, the first segment of a show involves a discussion about and debate on sports headlines (generally, 3 topics are covered each in 2-4 minute). The second part is either a themed segment, 5 Good Minutes (an interview with a special guest), or Report Card. This is a weekly analysis by “Professor Reali” of letters he assigns to various events. These may include a team’s record, standings, or other statistical metrics.

In addition to the standard weekly segments, the show occasionally features a special, one-time event. Often, this occurs when a guest athlete or coach is in town to play that night. In these cases, the guest will appear from a separate location – usually the site of the upcoming game or their home city – and is interviewed via split screen by Wilbon and Kornheiser. On rare occasions, the guest will appear in the studio with the hosts. Guests will often use a remote control to move the camera around to highlight their face and provide a personal touch to the appearance.

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